You Need to Try This Grenadine Recipe


  • 8 oz unsweetened pomegranate juice
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1 oz pomegranate molasses
  • 1/8 th tsp orange blossom water


  1. Gently heat the pomegranate juice and sugar enough to dissolve the sugar without boiling the juice.
  2. Stir in pomegranate molasses and orange blossom water.
  3. Allow syrup to cool, bottle up and serve.

Recipe Notes

You can simply squeeze a pomegranate for fresh juice in your juicer. If that's too much trouble a good quality unsweetened pomegranate juice like Pom Wonderful will work.

Pomegranate molasses and orange blossom water are pretty easy to find in a grocery with a good international foods section. Look in the middle eastern area. If you can't find it in your local grocery look for it in a middle eastern grocery or international grocer.

Grenadine Recipe

Do you hate grenadine? Of course, you do. Let’s face it. Grenadine is a problem. There is a world of amazing tiki drinks and classic cocktails that you want to make. A lot of them call for grenadine. But, the stuff you get from the grocery store is a disgusting neon red, artificially flavored sugar bomb.

I get it. I have always avoided the stuff myself. But there are a lot of great cocktails out there that use it. So, what is going on here?

The problem is that like so many foods in the 20th century, grenadine has suffered from industrial food production methods. So what happens if we go back and take a look at the way grenadine used to be made.

Grenadine’s Surprising Flavor

Do you even know what flavor grenadine is supposed to be? Most people seem to have some idea that it is cherry flavored. It’s not.

It doesn’t taste like any cherry grown on this planet. Not even like the similarly colored factory fresh things passed off as maraschino cherries. It’s not supposed to.

Grenadine should, in fact, taste like pomegranate. Surprise!

Little known fact; the name comes from the word grenade, the French word for pomegranate. Grenade is also the French word for a bomb. It’s also the English word for a type of bomb. Go figure. Anyway, pomegranates look like bombs. In other words, grenadine gets its name because it is made from pomegranates and pomegranates look like grenades.

Why use an ingredient that doesn’t taste like it should?

The real problem with commercially produced grenadine is that it tastes nothing like it should. Most commercially produced grenadine doesn’t use any pomegranate. So why would you ever use an ingredient that doesn’t taste like it should?

The good news is grenadine is surprisingly easy to make. It really only takes two or three ingredients. The process is no more difficult than making any other syrup. The resulting syrup is a sweet, tart, brightly floral and delicious. This stuff has richness and depth that you’ll find a welcome addition to your Singapore Sling.