Orgeat Syrup Recipe

Orgeat Syrup If you enjoy mixing up classic cocktails you will need orgeat syrup. Orgeat is sweet almond syrup. You make it with orange blossom water or rose water. It is a common ingredient in many Tiki drinks and classic cocktails. The Mai Tai is the most well known drink made with orgeat. Orgeat…

Dandelion and Burdock Cordial Recipe

Dandelion and Burdock Cordial Recipe There is nothing I make on a regular basis that disgusts me more than #Dandelion and #Burdock #soda. Mostly, I only make things I love. I have a visceral reaction to dandelions. The stinky yellow flowers that bleed a nasty white sap. I associate the smell with pesticide. Burdock? I don’t even know…

You Need to Try This Grenadine Recipe

Do you hate grenadine? Of course, you do. Let’s face it. Grenadine is a problem. There is a world of amazing tiki drinks and classic cocktails that you want to make. A lot of them call for grenadine. But, the stuff you get from the grocery store is a disgusting neon red, artificially flavored sugar bomb.

Rosewater Syrup

Rosewater syrup can be a interesting addition to many cocktails. It works especially well in drinks that feature gins flavored with rose petal botanicals.
This is the syrup that is used in the Prickly Pear and Rose Caipirinha.