Blackberry Shrub Recipe

Blackberry Shrub Recipe   Blackberry Shrub is a delicious and healthy way to enjoy great blackberry flavors year round. This blackberry shrub recipe features fresh blackberry, lime and thai basil. It is delicious and easy to make. What is a Shrub? If you are not familiar with shrubs you should get to know them, A…

Blood Orange and Juniper Shrub

  Print Yum Blood Orange and Juniper Shrub Ingredients12 Blood Oranges – Juiced. Peels reserved. (Should yield about 3 cups of juice.) 1 Cup Turbinado Sugar 1 Cup Champagne Vinegar 8 Tbsps Crushed Juniper Berries InstructionsMake an oleo saccharum with sugar and orange peels. Let oleo saccharum stand for about an hour. Combine orange juice,…

Prickly Pear Shrub

Print Yum Prickly Pear Shrub Ingredients15 Prickly Pears (Cactus Fruit) – Roughly Chopped Should equal about 6 cups 6 Cups of Demerara sugar 3 Cups Apple Cider VinegarInstructionsMacerate prickly pears in sugar for 3 days. Add vinegar. Mix up shrub and store in resealable container. Let stand for another 4 day. 0.1

Raspberry Syrup Recipe

Print Yum Raspberry Syrup Ingredients2 cups demerara syrup 1 cup raspberries 1 cup waterInstructionsStir sugar and water over low heat until sugar has dissolved. Add raspberries stirring until the berries form a pulp. Strain into a jar and refrigerate. Over time, the pectin will rise to the surface and can be skimmed off.0.1